Preparing for a new tenant to move in

Preparing for a new tenant to move in

Congratulations you have a wonderful new tenant that has been selected and you are moving out of your home. Often when people move it is such a stressful time and things can be missed, this is no one’s fault.  We pride ourselves on assisting our new tenants a smooth move in experience.

New landlords ask why can’t the tenant go in that night that the property is vacant?

We recommend that you need to allow your agent 2- 3 business days before your tenant moves in, so the agent can ensure that the property is ready for a new tenancy.

Checking if any further cleaning is required or to have the carpets steam cleaned or little maintenance performed, windows cleaned and to prepare the condition report, photos, videos etc.

The main difference between a property for sale situation and a lease, is the purchaser has more power. Simply they will not not settle on the property if the windows are not clean, garden not as tidy as it should or oven not so clean, but with tenancies these areas can be left and noted on the condition report and negate their need to maintain these items during the tenancy and more importantly when they vacate.

The time period will not just allow us to get the odd bit of cleaning done, more importantly it allows the agent to properly document the condition property at the start of tenancy.

The condition report and the condition report photography are crucial documents reporting the condition of the property when it is handed over to the tenant. It is these documents that are used to access the state of the property when the tenant has vacated taking into account fair wear and tear. These documents are the key points of evidence at VCAT should a claim be required for damage and without them a case is more likely to dismissed.

At Ashtons Realty we can help you through this time and have excellent tradesman at reasonable rates for quality work to help you. Also there is a possibility that the accounts can be claimed as a maintenance expense against your tax bit you are best to check with your own accountant based on your financial situation.