Are selling agents the best to Manage your property long term?

Are selling agents the best to Manage your property long term?

Simply because you buy a property from an agent doesn’t mean you need to stay with them. It is often thought that if you purchase a property that you need to stay with the sales agent for the leasing and management, however this not the case.

To make the best choice for a leasing agent you should find out…..
Are sales people running the business or a true Property Manager?
Try to find out more about the Property Manager in charge;

  1. What is their approach?
  2. Do they use up to date systems?
  3. How do they process your bills?
  4. Do the keep itemised bills and provide monthly statements complete with all outgoings?
  5. What is their process?
  6. What is their staff turn over like?
  7. What are their strengths as an agency?
  8. What is the break up of new and old properties on their books?
  9. Can the Property Management department demonstrate to show you that they have leased comparable properties? If so what sort of tenant do they attract ?
  10. How many properties does the rental department handle and with how many property managers? Keep in mind that often Property Managers look after large portfolios of properties and this can really stretch their capacity and care over your property.
  11. What is the level of experience of the property manager that will be looking after your property?
  12. How long have they been in the industry?
  13. Will the person that you deal with at the start be the same person that continues the relationship moving forward?
  14. Do you feel this person is able to be a project manager, detailed?
  15. Do you feel they can manage people?

If you can find uncover few of these points, we believe these can help you to make the right choice for engaging a Property Management agent.